Product questions

Can I really use this kit anywhere?

Yes! Both the trimmer and shaver have enclosed blades which means you cannot cut yourself. That makes it safe to use absolutely anywhere on both men and women, including mens's testicles!

Can the Cleancut be used alone or do I need a trimmer as well?

The Cleancut will only shave stubble length hair. Basically, the Cleancut is a finishing shaver that produces an extremely close shave, leaving you with baby soft skin. You can only use the Cleancut AFTER trimming your hair with a good trimmer. Poor trimming technique is the main cause of dissatisfaction with the performance of the Cleancut. It is imperative that the hair is stubble length. When it is the correct length the Cleancut produces wonderful results.

Is the Shavy the best Trimmer?

The Shavy Femini is generally the best trimmer for both male and female intimate areas due to its small size. The Shavy is about the size of a toothbrush both in terms in length and the actual blade size. It is very light and styled to easily fit into the palm of your hand. The Shavy does a particularly good job of trimming hair around men's testicles.

Can I use the Cleancut in the Shower?

No, both the Shavy Femini and the Cleancut can only be used dry. Do not use in the shower or clean with water. You can however use the one of the Philips or Remington wet/ dry trimmers in the shower.

How long will the Cleancut last?

With regular care and maintenance, the Cleancut will last for years. After each use, ensure you clean and oil the blades with the clipper oil supplied. This will ensure the shaver continues to run as new. With daily use, you may need to change the blades after 12-18 months. A replacement blade kit and larger clipper oil bottles are available from our shop.

How do I maintain this kit?

After use, brush away excess hairs from the blades. Both the trimmer and shaver can be opened up to expose the blades. Optionally, you can spray the blades with a medicated clipper spray to disinfect the blades. Next, apply a few drops of clipper oil onto the blades. The clipper oil is the single most important product to maintain both the trimmer and shaver; the oil will keep the blades working smoothly. Store in a dry place until next use.